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Who We Are

We are working and retired women from various professional backgrounds that live in the Will County area who want to make to make a positive difference in another woman’s life.

Jan Larsen, Photographer


Barb Delaney, Mary Lou Gast, Judy Erwin, Theresa Berkey, Kathy Mihelich, Katheryn Weidman,

Sue Midlock, Jenna Crago, Cindi Goron, Amirrah Abou-Youssef,  Judy Tomasino 

BOTTOM PHOTO  left to right:

Maria Comolli, Pat Ketelaar, Laurie Keigher, Mary Barrett, Carolyn Yeomans, Linda McElrath,

Tara Brown, Jean Terdic, Ann Kinsch, Tayna Rand


Nancy Harris, Denise Maffeo, Lynn Divizio, Beth Striker, Maria Prekop, Sandy Mariotto, Sol Alba, Stewart Warren, Susan Stockwell, and Tiffany Behrens.


WNO logo 2015 Joliet tag - black


The Committee


EVENTS FOR A CAUSE CHAIR  Kathy Mihelich (Joliet)

WNO Co-CHAIR Judy Erwin (Plainfield)

WNO Co-CHAIR  Theresa Berkey (New Lenox)

WNO Treasurer Laurie Keigher (Shorewood)

WNO Secretary  Katheryn Wiedman (Cherry Hill)

WNO Marketing & Communications  Jenna Crago (Romeoville)

WNO Non-Ticket Revenue Tanya Rand (Joliet)

WNO Outside Contracting Denise Maffeo (Joliet)

WNO Volunteer Management:  Laurie Keigher (Shorewood)

WNO Implementation Teams

Sponsors     Mary Barrett (Joliet)

Witches’ Bazaar Vendors  Lynn Divisio (Plainfield)

Event Program

Online Ticket Sales Events for a Cause


  • Basket Raffles – All Committee members
  • Door Prize Raffle – Ann Kinsch (New Lenox)
  • Split-the-pot Raffle – Judy Tomasino (Shorewood)

Communication, Promotion, and Marketing  Jenna Crago (Romeoville)

  • Distribution of posters and business cards
  • Coordination of  promotional photo shoots of committee
  • Coordination of  WNO participation at networking/promotional opportunities:  Jenna Crago (Romeoville)
  • Facebook page:  Tiffany Behrens (Channahon), Kim Adams (Wilmington)
  • Website/Email:  Jenna Crago (Romeoville)
  • News Releases/Newspaper coverage/Radio interviews/Web based community boards & newsletters:  Amirrah Abou-Youssef (Joliet)
  • Graphic Design: David Sanders (New Lenox)
  • Message boards at the event:  TBD


  • Glasses, Umbrellas, Tote Bags:  Carolyn Yeoman (Plainfield)
  • Photographer on-site:  Judy Erwin (Plainfield)

Decor/Staging    Theresa Berkey (New Lenox)  with Tara Brown (Plainfield) – Dante DeBartolo – Elwood)

  • Transport to/from – TBA
  • Set up-  All committee, Volunteers, and Recipient Agencies
  • Take down – All committee, Volunteers, and Recipient Agencies


  • Tarot Card Readers – TBA
  • Costume Contest –   TBA
  • DJs  –  Lynn Divisio (Plainfield)

Coordination of onsite volunteers   Laurie Keigher (Shorewood)

  • Greeters in the Mansion:  Mary Lou Gast (New Lenox)  and Pat Ketelaar (Homer Glen)
  • Admission Ticket Takers,  Greeters with Shopping Bags, and Greeters with Door Prize Entry tickets:  Amirrah Abou-Youssef/Guardian Angel Volunteers
  • Members
  • Raffle ticket sellers:
  • Slit-the-pot ticket sellers:  Judy Tomasino (Joliet)

Badges, Signs, Banners   TBA

Venue, Food, Beverage, and Security Susan Pritz-Bornhofen – Jacob Henry Mansion Estate, Joliet

Parking and Traffic  Dennis Goron (Joliet)